Multi Purpose Compost

RHS approved Multi Purpose Compost

Ideal for all plants, from seed sowing to hanging baskets. Our multip-purpose compost is ideal for all garden projects. With being Royal Horticultural Society approved you know you are getting a quality product.

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Shropshire Turf’s Multi Purpose Compost is a peat free growing medium. Which can be used in every part of your garden. From hanging baskets and pots to topping up your planter beds. With slow realising fertilisers and balanced plant nutrients that will continue to feed for the first few months. It really is an all round compost that you need for your garden.

When using for sowing use as the packet of seeds advises. Once the seedlings are large enough pot on using the same compost in larger pots. After the first 6 weeks, if you want to start supplementary feeding your plants, this can be done with a liquid feed regularly. If used for tree and shrub planting ensure the root ball has been well watered. Create a hole a least twice the size of the root ball. Place the plant in ensuring it will sit around the same soil height as it was in the container. Mixing 3-5 parts soil to 1 part multi purpose compost backfill the mix and firm around the base of the plant. Should the plant require a stake do this now. Water well once happy.

Still not sure which compost to pick for you compare our 3 different types of compost: Choosing The Right Compost For You.

Delivery of Multi Purpose Compost

Shropshire Turf’s Multi Purpose Compost is available in 50L bags. These are available for collection from our yard, deliveries of these are a minimum of 5 bags or with another item like topsoil for mixing together. If you think you would like the compost for a specific day the more notice you can give us the more likely we would be able to offer this date. For more information on deliveries or collections please click here. Head to the checkout and see what dates are available for delivery or collection.

Still got some questions, visit our FAQ or give our friendly team a call who will be happy to help.

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