Vermicompost extract 

Vermicompost Extract

Shropshire Turf’s Vermicompost Extract is a ready-to-use compost tea. It is suitable for all growing mediums and is totally organic.

It is currently one of the best on the market, teaming with beneficial microorganisms.

Made from high-quality Vermicast compost (Worm Casts), the beneficial biology is extracted and supplied to you in an easy-to-apply liquid.

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    What will the Vermicompost extract do? 

    An increase of SRD (species-rich diversity) biology in your soil

    Reduces the requirement for chemical and fertiliser spreading

    Manages parasitic Nematodes, fusarium and leaf spot diseases

    Encourages quicker root development of newly planted species

    Strengthens germination of newly sown crops

    Unleashes nutrients from within the plants naturally, reducing the requirement for fertilisers

    Converts macro and micronutrients and aids in the effective uptake of fertilises, lengthening periods between fertiliser applications

    Your plants will be more resistant to stress

    Made from Worm Castings, we extract the beneficial biology from the casts and supply it to you in liquid suspension ready to be applied. The worm castings also contain beneficial yeasts, bacteria and fungi as well as plant hormones and enzymes, all of which benefit the plant’s roots and foliage.

    How to apply?

    We offer a special offer for buying the Vermicompost extract with the hose and distributer ready for easy use on the arrival of your delivery. Simply plug it all in with the directions provided and away you go. If using previously used equipment from a different product, ensure this is thoroughly cleaned before using. We usually recommend applying early morning or evening as the biology in the bottle doesn’t like high UV levels.

    For more information regarding the science behind Vermicompost extract visit our blog:

    Delivery of Vermicompost extract

    Shropshire Turf’s Vermicompost extract comes in a 10L bottle. These are available for collection from our yard, deliveries of these will be through a 3rd party delivery company or with another item like topsoil for mixing together. If you think you would like the Vermicompost extract for a specific day the more notice you can give us the more likely we will be able to offer this date. For more information on deliveries or collections please click here. Head to the checkout and see what dates are available for delivery or collection.

    Still got some questions, visit our FAQ or give our friendly team a call who will be happy to help.

    Additional information

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