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Some frequently asked questions

We are always looking to help and advise our customers, please see our frequently asked questions below. Should you require any further advice please feel free to contact us.

    • Turf FAQ’s
    • Question: How heavy is a roll of turf?
      Answer: In the winter, turf weight ranges from 12kg to 15kg and in the summer it can be lighter between 10kg to 12kg but it depends on the weather.
    • Question: What is the depth of a roll?
      Answer: The depth of the turf sod is typically 15mm to 20mm.
    • Question: What are the mix of grass cultivars in the traditional turf?
      Answer: Our traditional turf has a large percentage of fescue creating a rich green colour year around.
    • Question: Do I have to put top soil down before turfing?
      Answer: It depends on what you are starting with. Turf requires topsoil to be able to establish. If you are unsure about if you need topsoil give our team a call who will be happy to help.
    • Question: How long after I receive my turf do I need to lay it?
      Answer: We recommend laying your turf as soon as possible but definitely within 24 hours of receiving it.
    • Question: What do I do if the turf has started to turn yellow?
      Answer: Turf will only turn yellow after being left longer than 24 hours rolled up. Yellowed turf is fine to lay and will recover within a few days with some natural light and water.
    • Question: How much do I need to water the turf after laying it?
      Answer: Once you’ve laid your turf, never allow it to dry out, ensure its fully watered through across the whole area while it establishes allowing the roots to bed in. We recommend doing this for the first 14 days of your lawn. If it’s hot, water it first thing in the morning or last thing at night.
    • Question: How long should I leave the freshly laid turf before cutting?
      Answer: We recommend the first mow of a newly laid lawn to be after 14 days. By cutting on a higher setting this will encourage the grass to thicken up.
    • Question: Do you provide a laying service?
      Answer: Yes we do. Please call our team to discuss your needs and organise a no obligations quote.
    • Question: Do you have turf available all year round?
      Answer: Yes turf can be purchased from us all year round. Please note if the ground is frozen or snow on the ground we would not be able to supply. If you are unsure when best to lay read out blog.
    • Compost FAQ’s
    • Question: What size bag do you sell the Composts in?
      Answer: We have different types of compost and they all offer different size bags. Check out the blog choosing the right compost for you to see the different types and sizes all in one place.
    • Question: Can I have the compost loose?
      Answer: Yes, we offer the Peat Free Compost loose delivered. All other products come bagged.
    • Question: Is the compost available all year round?
      Answer: Yes, we can deliver all three types of compost all year round.
    • Question: Do your composts contain high nutrients?
      Answer: Yes, all of our composts contain Nitrogen, Phospate and Potassium to help your plants excel.
    • Question: What can I use the compost for in the garden?
      Answer: All of our composts have a number of uses. Including but not limited to seeding and potting on, pots tubs and hanging baskets, mulching and vegetable and flower beds.
    • Question: Do you offer an organic compost?
      Answer: Our top range, eco-friendly compost is a peat free, organic, wool, bracken and comfrey blend compost.
    • Soil FAQ’s
    • Question: Do you sell different types?
      Answer: Currently in our soil range we have topsoil and top dressing.
    • Question: What size bags do you offer?
      Answer: Our topsoil comes in 900L bags. We can also offer delivery loose though.
    • Question: What is the minimum and maximum quantities for loose deliveries?
      Answer: Our soils can be delivered loose from 4 ton to 20 ton at a time, depending on the access. Please speak to a member of our team for loose deliveries.
    • Question: What can I use the topsoil for?
      Answer: Our topsoil is great for levelling grounds before turfing or improving soil quality in beds.
    • Question: What is top dressing for?
      Answer: Top dressing can be used to help reduce the build up of thatch, give you a more even lawn and improve drainage in heavy soils, while in sandy soils it can increase water holding capacity.
    • Question: Is soil a seasonal product?
      Answer: Topsoil is readily available all year round. Top dressing is available in Spring and Autumn as this is the best time for the use of this product.
    • Question: When should I top dress my lawn?
      Answer: Top dressing should be done on established lawns, either in Spring or Autumn. Top dressing of a lawn is often done injunction with over seeding and Spring and Autumn are ideal times for this.
    • Question: Is the top dress safe to use with pets?
      Answer: Yes all our products are pet safe, we would advise if over seeding you try to keep foot fall to a minimum to give it time to establish.
    • Bark FAQ’s
    • Question: Do you sell different types of bark?
      Answer: Yes, the two main types we sell are ornamental and play bark. However if you are looking for a specific type, please do get in touch and we can see what we can do.
    • Question: What size orders can I get?
      Answer: We can offer bark in bulk bags of 900L or loose deliveries of up to 80 cubic meters. If you are thinking you would like it loose please give our office team a call.
    • Question: Is bark available all year?
      Answer: Yes bark can be used in the garden any time of the year and so we supply throughout the year.
    • Question: Is it safe to use if I have pets?
      Answer: Yes, our bark are pet and child friendly.
    • Question: How deep should I be spreading the bark?
      Answer: We usually recommend a mulching depth of 50-100mm.
    • Seed FAQ’s
    • Question: How fast will in germinate?
      Answer: This will vary depending on the type you have chosen and the time of year, but you should expect to start to see shoots anytime between 10-14 days.
    • Question: When should I cut my new lawn from seed?
      Answer: A new lawn from seed shouldn’t be cut until the area is all 7-8cm tall. Once the initial cut is made this will encourage it to grow more shoots and thicken the lawn.
    • Question: How do I prepare the area for seeding?
      Answer: Please see out guide on How to grow a lawn from seed or How to Prepare the ground for Wildflower Meadow.
    • Question: Can my pets walk where I have spread the seed?
      Answer: Ideally no. To give the seed the best chance to grow it is better if no one walks on it for at least the first few weeks while it establishes.
    • Question: When is the best time of year for seeding?
      Answer: Seeds like to be grown in warm soil, for this reason it is best to grow from Spring to end of Autumn.
    • Delivery & Collection FAQ’s
    • Question: Why do you charge for pallets?
      Answer: The pallets we deliver on are special sized pallets for the turf cutting machines. Historically, we absorbed the cost of pallets but over recent times the price of pallets have increased significantly so we have to charge for pallets. This is reimbursed when you return the pallets to us in useable order.
    • Question: Can I have my delivery on a Saturday?
      Answer: We do not usually deliver on a Saturday. If you are planning to lay on the Saturday we could deliver on the Friday though. Should you wish to discuss your delivery please call our team.
    • Question: Do I need to be in for you to deliver?
      Answer: Being at the property isn’t essential. Please add details to your order about where you would like it to be left if you will not be there.
    • Question: What do you charge to deliver?
      Answer: Delivery is calculated using your postcode. We regularly check our prices to ensure we are giving you the best price possible on delivery.
    • Question: Can I collect from you?
      Answer: Yes, we offer a collection option. Please place and pay for all orders before arrival. If you are thinking about collecting please read the FAQ regarding the products you are thinking of collecting to ensure you have a suitable vehcile for doing so.
    • Question: When do you deliver?
      Answer: We deliver Tuesday – Friday 8am-5pm excluding bank holidays. If you require the turf for a specific day please request this when making your order. Should the date you need not be available online call our team and they will try to help with this.
    • Question: What time will my delivery arrive?
      Answer: For an up to date timing of your delivery please call our team after 9am on the day of your delivery.
    • Orders FAQ’s
    • Question: How can I place an order?
      Answer: Most products can be ordered on the website with a few exceptions. If you can’t see what you are looking for or need some additional help please do not hesitate to call our office.
    • Question: What is the maximum order size?
      Answer: We do not have a maximum order size, however if you are ordering over 300 rolls of turf or any loose products (over bagged) this will have to be placed over the phone.
    • Question: How quickly can I expect a delivery?
      Answer: We are usually working on a minimum of 3 working days for deliveries, once you go through to checkout it will show you available days. Should the day you are looking for not be available please give our team a call and we will see what we can do to help.
    • Question: I am trade – how do I place an order?
      Answer: Please give out team a call and select the trade account option to speak to our team regarding your account with us.


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