Play Bark

Play Bark

The play bark comes in smaller nuggets than our landscaping bark and is a mix of 90% hardwoods and 10% softwoods. A 100% natural product, containing no additives or colouring.

To purchase this product, please enquire using the form below. Alternatively please call us on 01952 510386

    Are you looking to tidy your play area? Our Play Bark is just what you need. A 100% natural product made from sustainable wood and chemical free ensures your little ones are safe while playing. Not only that this bark complies with BS EN 1177 industry standards.

    Made of 90% hardwood and no more than 10% softwood this rich brown bark gives you a natural look to finish the garden. With 90% of particles ranging from 5-30mm and screened to remove 98% of fines and material under 5mm, there is minimal dust when spreading this product.

    For help with the appropriate depth of bark give our team a call. We will need to know critical fall height to be able to give you an answer.

    Please note this is a naturally occurring product, the colour and texture may differ due to various locations it is sourced from. 

    Delivery of Play Bark

    Shropshire Turf’s Play Bark can be delivered both loose and in bulk bags. If you have a suitable vehicle you can also collect the 900L bulk bags from our yard. If you think you would like the bark for a specific day the more notice you can give us the more likely we would be able to offer this date. For more information on deliveries or collections please click here. Head to the checkout and see what dates are available for delivery or collection of bulk bags.

    Our bulk bags will be delivered on the lorry with the Moffett (forklift) on the back. Loose deliveries can be as large as 20 ton loads in an 8 wheeler lorry. Please ensure you have the space for this size vehicle before ordering. Give us a call on 01952 510386 to discuss loose delivery options.

    Still got some questions, visit our FAQ or give our friendly team a call who will be happy to help.

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    900L Bulk bag, Loose

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