Wildflower Seed

Wildflower Seeds

Our wildflower seeds come in a number of varieties that can cover wetland and shaded areas as well as seeds for gardens, pots and planters, beds, meadow and wildflower lawns. The varieties are formulated to suit different soil conditions and selections, including annuals, perennials, native wildflower and small grass mixes. The mix that we recommend depends upon the growing conditions and mix of wildflowers you are looking for. To find out more give our team a call.

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    Wildflower meadows are becoming more and more popular and you can have one with one of our wildflower seed mixtures. Not only do you get a ray of colour in your garden with minimal maintenance, but you are also encouraging wildlife into your garden. Many of the wildflower mixes will encourage pollinators as well as butterflies into the garden.

    There are two types of mixtures and many different varieties of flowers within these. The first option is a 100% wildflower mixture which would generally require 2-4 grams per square meter. The other option is an 80:20 mix, which gives you 20% wildflower seed and 80% grass seed. Similarly, these should be sown at 4 grams per square meter.

    Delivery of Wildflower Seed

    Shropshire Turf’s Wildflower Seed can be delivered straight to your door with other items or alone. Alternatively, the bags can be collected from our yard. If you think you would like the seed for a specific day the more notice you can give us the more likely we will be able to offer this date. For more information on deliveries or collections please click here. Head to the checkout and see what dates are available for delivery or collection or fill out our enquiry form.

    Still got some questions, visit our FAQ or give our friendly team call who will be happy to help.

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