Top dressing

Top Dressing

Our compost-enriched top dressing is a premium product designed to encourage your grass to grow denser. We have three varieties of this product to suit your ground type. For helpful tips for top dressing, your lawn visit our step by step guide.

Looking for the best product for top dressing your lawn, then this is the product for you. Popular with bowls clubs and fine lawn owners. Our high quality top dressing used on an existing lawn will help to create a smooth lawn. While increasing free draining and opening soil structure. When applied to freshly seeded areas it can improve germination by ensuring more seed to soil contact.

Top dressing for your lawn can be done throughout the year but should be avoided during peak growing seasons.

Our standard mix currently available is 70% specialist sports sand and 30% graded topsoil. If you are treating a sports turf we can also offer a sterilised RootZone 50:50 mix. For some advice on the mix, you need as well as when to topdress your lawn, read our blog post How To Topdress Your Lawn: A Step by Step Guide.

Currently, top dressing can only be ordered by enquiry through the website or by giving our team a call. Please remember when enquiring to ensure you know the area you are looking at top dressing along with the postcode for delivery to allow our team to get you the best price.

Delivery of Top Dressing

Delivery or collection is available for our top dressing in bulk bags. We also now have 25kg bags which are available for collection or delivery with a minimum order of 10 bags or with another larger product. If you are thinking you would like the top dressing for a specific day the more notice you can give us the more likely we would be able to offer this date. Please ensure you have a suitable vehicle if you are thinking of collecting the bags from our yard. More information about delivery and collections can be found here.

Still got some questions, visit our FAQ or give our friendly team a call who will be happy to help.

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